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Parminder Singh, MD

Parminder Singh, MD, lives and works in two distinctive worlds, the world of medicine and the world in which his photographic and musical gifts run free. Along with being a board certified physician in internal medicine, Dr. Singh is a very gifted photographer, specializing in landscape, water drop, commercial, and industrial photography.


With a passion for color, beauty, and ingenuity, Dr. Singh’s striking photography pays homage to Americana, expressing the vibrant spirit of this rich culture. Picturesque landscapes, architectural wonders, and small-town heritage are brought together in stunning beauty and published in keepsake photographic books. Equally impressive is his growing collection of water drop photography, with its unique shapes and color patterns, reflections, and refractions.


Dr. Singh’s passion for photography piqued about 25 years ago with purchase of a Nikon F3 film camera, followed by a Mamiyia 6x7 film camera, large format Ebony 4x5 film camera, and Phase One XF digital camera with IQ4,150mpx. digital back.


Dr. Singh’ second artistic passion is music. He has produced impressive musical videos.

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